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How Manuscript Solves Local Content Demand

The world of online marketing has changed dramatically in the last decade. Now more than ever, creating quality content is a necessary part of any marketing campaign. No longer can any company afford to neglect to publish regular content updates on their website or risk being seen as an industry laggard.

But that creates a different challenge as copywriting doesn't come easy for many business owners.

Planning out the content flow, creating an editorial calendar, conducting industry research, bridging content series, and even putting thought to words is not the everyday skillset of entrepreneurship.

At least they weren't before the internet and ecommerce took over.

That's the reason here at Manuscript, we want to bring the business building aspect back to entrepreneurship by providing you with the content and copy solution you need.

By growing and training a team of outsourcing content writers, proofreaders, and copywriters you can trust to deliver your content requirements on a regular basis.

Best of all?

We've kept the entire process affordable while retaining our high writing standards and quality.

Which Copywriting Or Marketing Headache Can We Help You Overcome?


Marketing Consultation

The single most crucial aspect of any successful marketing campaign is always to have a clear idea of the direction and objective you want to achieve.

For many business owners, that means having the right marketer to seek advice on the strategy and tactics to dominate in an ever-increasingly crowded and competitive market space.

How We Help

Our team of marketers are here to help you plan or review:

  • Campaign ideas
  • Brand positioning
  • Key differentiating factor

Copywriting Services

Whether you're planning a Facebook post, a Google ad, a blog post, a lead magnet or any other form of content strategy, you need a writer to execute.

Depending on the overall strategy, that's where an academic writer helps with thorough research or a persuasive copywriter supports your business by creating sales messages.

How We Help

We've built and trained a team of professional writers to execute:

  • Articles and blog posts
  • Sales letters and landing pages
  • Lead magnets and email sequences

Coaching Programs

Sometimes all any business owner or marketer needs is a group of individuals to bounce ideas or provide a different marketing insight or perspective.

With our free online training courses and programs, we conduct group coaching programs to provide real examples and situations that brings the strategies and theories to live.

How We Help

Our coaching programs tap on live campaigns to provide more significant insights on:

  • Sales & Persuasion Strategies
  • Copywriting Techniques
  • Advertising Tactics

Which Do You Need? A Copywriter, a Content Writer, or a Marketer?

A common mistake many marketing executives commit is, they decide to outsource their writing projects to the wrong type of writer for the job.

After all, a writer is a writer, right?

Yes, except when you need a writer to write persuasive sales copy. (Hint: that's where the copywriter comes in)

Or perhaps you need to mass-produce industry-specific thought-provoking articles for your audience. (Content writer in this scenario)

And in almost all cases, you definitely want your writer to be familiar with classic marketing strategies. That's how smart digital marketing campaigns are rolled out.

That said, you don't always need a marketer on your team unless you're engaging a professional to help you execute a specific advertising tactic you're not experienced with.

Our goal at Manuscript is to help business owners maximise your resources by engaging the right professional for your business or marketing objectives.

It's how we help our clients keep our services affordable without compromising on the high-quality content we pride ourselves on.

On top of that, we're also constantly deploying content marketing strategies to grow this business. And as we discover more exciting industry best practices, you can be sure we'll write about it or teach it in our training programs.

Because ultimately, we don't just provide writing services for local businesses...

We're actively applying the same strategies and services in our business giving you, our clients, the confidence to engage us for your marketing needs.

The Manuscript Promise

When we ask clients to imagine a manuscript, different images come to mind.

To some, it is a stack of timeless doctrines bound together. To others, it is a finalised document specifically requested for. And to others still, it is a set of specific direction.

While as a copywriting agency we've gone digital and won't be delivering any physical stack of papers... our goal remains the same.

Because once you decide to work with us, we will always strive to provide you with the manuscript you need for your business.

Whether it's an article, a blog post, a content strategy, a sales letter, a training manual or any other type of content you're ordering from us...

We strive to deliver the highest standards possible; to maintain and exceed our clients' satisfaction.

A Traditional Manuscript Document

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