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Looking for a professional team of writers to bring your marketing and advertising campaigns up several notches is easy and hassle-free now with our suite of article writing services.

The fact is, more and more local companies today are going online. And that means these companies need high-quality and original articles unique to their businesses.

We're talking about well-researched articles carefully thought through and written specifically for a given topic or purpose.

After all, the last thing any of them want is another bland or generic PLR or worse... a spun article that makes no sense with its incomprehensible gibberish.

Instead, by producing informative articles that guides, teaches, or instructs... especially on a specific subject matter... it establishes your brand as an industry expert or thought leader. Indirectly, it increases the company's span of influence and credibility among many more marketing benefits.

Our List of Article Writing Services

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Article Writing Service – Single Item


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And the best part about having quality articles?

They're so versatile, you can use them in a variety of mediums and platforms.

How Our Article Writing Elevates Your Marketing

Whether you're planning to post these articles on a social media account, an article directory site, your website, or perhaps an email... there are certain writing qualities you want.

And when it comes to copywriting and content marketing, our goal is to deliver every one of them.

  • Unique and 100% original content
  • Written according to your project requirements - Manuscript's Accuracy Probe
  • Additional online research on the subject matter
  • Copyscape approved
  • Local writers
  • Secondary checks by proofreaders

Which Do You Need? An Article or a Blog Writing Service?

With the dawn of the internet and the growth of the content marketing era, the fine line between article writing and blog writing has been continuously greyed. Almost to the point, consumers, readers, and even writers themselves use these terms interchangeably.

That said, articles have been around for as long as mankind started putting ink to paper. Reporting on the latest industry developments, publishing facts and statistics, or perhaps even just a regular news update.

The information provided has to be factual and devoid of any personal bias. (Or at least appear that way)

Blogs, on the other hand, are laced with personal opinion and are a wonderful tool for building a closer relationship with an online audience. Which forms the basis of the modern-day content marketing strategy.

This means when you're searching for a professional blog writing provider, you want a team that knows how to create blog articles that tap on your audience emotion to deepen that connection.

The Manuscript's Writing Advantage

Going online, you can easily find many platforms and websites offering matching services, where they match you with a freelance copywriter or perhaps even a content marketing agency.

Nothing wrong with that except, you're back to square one. You still need to evaluate and determine whether the writer is up to the task, you got to check their work, and often... revise or edit them.

Worse.. in some cases, these freelance writers lack proper systems and processes behind their workflow. For businesses that plan and schedule marketing campaigns, an inconsistent content supplier could put a huge damper on the entire project.

Instead, every article package we provide follows the same strict 7-day schedule of research, conceptualisation, drafting, and proofreading to retain quality control.

Next, you might find some agencies that choose to churn articles out fast. Many service providers claim they can produce an article in under 24 hours.

While it sounds impressive, most writers are unable to pick up a brand new industry or niche and have a decent mastery of the subject matter within such a short time - 1 day of knowledge. This becomes even more apparent when you review the churned article. Some are laced with poor grammar, silly spelling mistakes, and illogical sentence structure.

Our writers are trained to follow a structured method of writing. They're given an appropriate amount of time to do thorough research about the topic and get content inspiration so they can produce quality writing for our clients.

And as a client, you never have to worry about plagiarized sentences or articles re-spun or copied directly from the source. We believe this is the best way to provide our clients with quality articles while keeping it highly affordable.

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