Blog Post Writing (Authority)


One of the quickest and fastest ways to build credibility and earn your target audience trust and respect is to publish authority-grade blog articles.

And that’s where our thought-leadership blog post writing comes into the picture as our professional writers will research, curate, and draft industry-rich articles to separate your brand from your competition.

It’s the perfect choice for brands publishing technical subjects, or require an industry white paper style blog post.


The goal of our Blog Post Writing (Authority) is to help companies and brands create an impressive first impression.

And one of the fastest ways to achieve is by showing your target audience industry knowledge and experience.

Gone are the days when companies can rely solely on just short informative blog posts to build credibility.

Because as the internet grows, information is readily becoming more accessible to the everyday man on the street.

Instead, you need a well-researched and well-thought-out content to showcase authority on a subject matter.

You are thereby giving your audience and future customers confidence.

Confidence to trust in your products and services. Confidence to engage your business.

To this end, our professional writers will conduct thorough research to plan and draft out a thought leadership essay. (Based on your provided instructions)

Informative blog posts that range between 1,500 to 2,500 words on your requested topic.

Here’s All You Have to Do to Get Started

  1. Complete your order (register an account at the same time if you haven’t already)
  2. Wait for a project manager to contact you
  3. Complete the onboarding questionnaire

And that’s it.

With the instructions and directions, you provide in the onboarding questionnaire, here’s typically what our experienced copywriters will do next:

  1. Research on the Topic, Industry, and Competition
  2. Explore forums and comment sites to understand what your Audience want to know
  3. Prepare the initial Draft content
  4. Edit the content for spelling, grammar, and content structure
  5. Pass the draft to our Content Editors to do a second round of checks

A standard long-form post will usually take around a week for the ideation process right down to the actual writing and editing. We don’t believe in overnight content as there’s just no way to build that level of depth in any content piece.

But it’s because of our attention to detail and strict research approach, you know you’ll be receiving an authoritative article you’re proud to send to your clients.