Singapore-Styled Copywriting Course for Beginners

Learn to Write Business Content that Converts

Especially for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Marketing Professionals Tired of Struggling to Write Sales Messages  And Want to Finally Learn the Secret of Persuasive Sales Writing!

It's no secret, words matter.

Well, that is if you want to produce a WINNING marketing campaign. Yup. Regardless of the platform, medium, or channel.

Creating a digital campaign through Facebook ads or Google PPC?

Your choice of words matter!

Designing a brochure for an upcoming roadshow or exhibition?

Your choice of words matter!

Going traditional and want to launch a newspaper or magazine ad?

Guess what? Your choice of words matter!

We will even go as far as to say the choice of words you use in a chatting app like Whatsapp, Telegram, WeChat etc is important.

After all, the receiving party (your prospect or client) is still a human being. A person who is going to read your message and decide whether to engage your services or buy a product or more.

Your message has to resonate with them and you can only do so by choosing the right words that make the largest impact.

Why Crappy Sales Advertisements Still Exist Today

Now you might be thinking...

If your word choice is so important, why then are there so many terrible (and often insulting) ads around?

You see...

Unfortunately, many of these poorly written ads come from multinational companies - the big boys with big budgets.

In these companies, every year, their marketing executives have presented a generous budget for their upcoming campaigns.

And here's the kicker...

If they fail to spend the budget allocated for that year, the finance team will slash its budget.

As a result, it is in their personal best interest to spend as much as possible. Even if it means another campaign down the drain.

But while this blatant spending strategy may work for them, it will never work for you!

After all, it's quite easy to rationalise to their bosses why they missed their KPIs for the year. External factors like market sentiments and conditions are stressful for anyone to predict. And in the worst-case scenario, they lose their budget for the following year.

It's a different story for you...

Every dollar of that marketing budget IS your hard-earned money.

Every dollar spent, therefore, has to make sense and generate as much ROI as possible.

Your copywriting has no choice but to start on the best possible foot.

Give Yourself An Unfair Headstart

Here's the fact...

Writing a persuasive sales message that appeals to the mass audience doesn't have to be difficult.

There are countless copywriting and sales formula readily available on the internet.

In fact, we provide a number of these templates on our website for free to give our readers the shortcut they need for writing sales copy.

But what we found really lacking for most individuals is the mentorship and quality advice behind the formula and more specifically - the application.

It's easy to copy a formula, but how do you confirm it you've applied it correctly?

Too many copywriting courses focus on teaching their students how to quickly copy a "proven" formula.

Their goal is getting their students to rapidly complete a sales letter, never mind whether that sales letter makes sense or actually converts.

The result?

Their students blindly copied the formula they were given without any understanding of the psychology or principles behind the phrasing or the structure of the sales message.

Ending up with a long sales letter that is boring or sounds like some sleazy snake oil salesman.

Moving Beyond Plain'O Theories

We knew we had to do something different.

There's no point in providing another lecture-style class where attendees scribble notes but end up doing nothing.

We've seen enough "expert note takers" and how their notebooks start collecting dust a couple of weeks later.

Instead, we decided a coaching model is more useful for our participants. An environment where you could actively participate in the discussion.

Therefore not only helping you absorb the course objectives better but also places real-world perspective into the concepts.

The truth is...

Rather than spend countless hours talking about templates (did we mention we provide them on this website)... we wanted our course objectives to deliver clear, tangible results for our attendees.

We decided to focus on 3 critical and necessary fundamentals of persuasive sales copy.

See for yourself...

Copywriting Objective #1. Emotional Writing

Most copywriting course or workshop will tell you the secret to persuasive writing is in appealing to the readers' emotions. But they stop there.

You probably already know you need to push your customer's hot buttons to get them to buy from you.

The critical question is how?

How do we write a text or paragraph that charges our readers emotionally?

During this coaching session, our goal isn't just to teach you about emotionally writing but to get you to write an actual paragraph on a specific emotion.

And we are not going to lie... many attendees will struggle and stare blankly at their screens, scratching their heads to produce even a single sentence.

Yet after some donkey years... nothing. Not a single word on their screen.

But don't be mistaken... just the simple act of thinking about it will accelerate your learning curve. Especially when we give you the sample phrases afterwards.

Suddenly, the entire exercise makes perfect sense as you begin to connect the dots using your experience and the "model" answer provided.

By the end of the session, we want you to have a much clearer clarity about emotional writing and how to use it for your business.

Copywriting Objective #2. The Showcase Technique

Show don't tell.

If you've read enough copywriting or sales blogs, you would probably have heard this phrase being mentioned more than once.

The idea is simple...

Show your customers the results they can expect to receive from whatever you're selling.

Most of our attendees already understand the difference between features and benefits.

Some are even familiar with the copywriting technique - The One-Two Punch.

What many of them couldn't piece together is this critical idea of helping their customers visualise the benefits they're selling.

The result?

Flat and boring content that has no chance of ever closing a sale.

It's like choosing to hire one of those geeky scientist dressed in a trench coat to go on stage and stutter in a monotonous tone about your product.

If you're like us, you would naturally prefer to hire an eloquent chap, great at public speaking or better still, someone like the late Steve Jobs to present and captivate your audience.

That's the effect your copy has to achieve with the Showcase Technique you'll be practising and working on.

Copywriting Objective #3. Ideation Strategies

Too often we've heard our clients tell us "We don't know what to write about".

And it's strange when you really stop to think about it.

These are business owners with years of experience. They know the ins and outs of their industry.

In fact, buy any one of them a cup of coffee (or beer) and they'll go on for hours. And while the conversations are always interesting, you may struggle to get them to stop.

It's strange then that with the enormous library of stories they have to share, they can't put thought to paper.

And if you can't even get a single word out, then all the copywriting and marketing tactics in the world is instantly going to be pointless.

Thankfully ideation and gathering content inspiration doesn't have to be difficult.

We'll explore different ways to get ideas from everyday news and events.

And more importantly, how to turn these ideas into something relevant for your business.

Our goal is to create business enhancing the content that grows the company and not to become another journalist.

And with a proper process for ideation, you'll soon have ample things to write about.

Bonus Material: Unique Selling Offer

Depending on how the session runs, if there is additional time, we will focus on another important aspect of any sales copy...

Your sales pitch and offer!

Unfortunately, without much experience selling products or services, most course trainers or lecturers will skim or rush through this section as it takes time to plan out a powerful selling proposition.

Yet without a strong offer, there's no compelling reason for your prospect or audience to even consider what you're selling.

That's why once the fundamentals are out of the way, we'll begin stripping, dissecting, and analysing a couple of different offers to understand why they worked.

And better still, how to bring these same psychological principles these companies deploy into your business.

These are the reasons a cup of coffee is selling for about $1 at your favourite Kopitiam but is worth almost $10 at Starbucks.

They understood a fundamentally important thing about their consumers' buying behaviour...

And that allowed them to either increase their prices or increase their sales volume.

Imagine if you could bring these same principles into your business.

Think about how much better you'll be at taking your business to the next level?

How to Make Your Sales Writing Skills Shine?

One of the greatest beauty about learning these skills is that you can apply them across a wide genre of advertising and marketing avenues.

In fact, you can apply them in just about any medium where you need to create advertising content.

That means...

But here's the beauty of it all...

Even if you decide to use these same principles in your regular non-advertising content, they will work wonders too.

We're talking about everyday content writing such as:

  • Blogs
  • Facebook groups
  • Facebook wall posts
  • Video content
  • Emails
  • Web pages

And just about anything else you can think of.

So long as you're communicating with a prospect, a lead, or even a client, you can apply these concepts in your writing or marketing campaign.

What we want to achieve here is get you applying these skills in your business as quickly as possible.

By having the right framework and tools at your disposal.


Manuscript Basic Copywriting Course

A 3 hours to 4 hours group coaching session on key copywriting principles, specially designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs gain an unfair advantage in sales writing.

This course is likely to be conducted on a Thursday afternoon as we've found this timing to work great for business owners. It's after their morning meetings and a great time slot for working on strategies and tactics to grow the business.

Unlike most copywriting courses (online or live), we prefer to do things very differently.

When you decide to come down, forget about seminars or 2-hour lectures that tell you what copywriting is or why copywriting is essential...

We're going to get your hands "dirty" breaking down and analysing copywriting principles then immediately applying them.

We've prepared unique exercises to get complete beginners and even seasoned writers familiar with our course objectives.

Our goal is to "drill" these concepts in, that by the time you walk out, you have a much deeper understanding of the underlying psychology of sales in written format.

But that does mean some commitment on your part...

Because it will take about 3 hours to 4 hours (depending on the group's learning dynamics) to conduct a productive group coaching session.

So, by deciding to come down, you should block out and expect to spend up to 4 hours of your time with us.

On top of that, there are certain other qualities we expect of our participants...

Please Don't Apply If You Are Any of the Following:

  • You're not willing to practice or participate in the group discussion

    One of the fastest ways to learn is to bounce ideas around the group. If you're not going to participate then we prefer to reserve the seat for another participant who will.

  • You're not comfortable asking questions when you're unsure about what you're learning

    There's no way we can ever know how much you understand if you don't tell us. We encourage questions (preferably about what we're covering) but you must be excited about your own learning.

  • You have no business to promote

    If you're coming down without a business to promote or at least something to sell, then the concepts will remain as concepts. It won't have an effect on you and that makes learning more difficult. We would rather you have something in mind to sell.

  • You're planning a scam tactic or intend to abuse the sales psychology principles

    Learning how to persuade and sell through the written format is a dangerous tool in the wrong hands. That's why as educators we take our role seriously to ensure that these principles are used ethically and morally.

  • You don't believe in investing in yourself or your business

    Ultimately, we can lay down all the secrets of persuasion in the world but if you're not willing to invest time, effort, or resources in yourself or your business, then they will just go to waste.

How Much to Cheerfully Invest for these Skills?

By now, I think you're interested in growing your business and will be using these copywriting principles ethically.

And more importantly, you can see the many benefits of having these skills as a part of your business planning and sales process.

A course or coaching session like this should easily cost you anywhere between $500 to $2,500 to attend.

And these are the lecture-style courses where you sit in a room all day scribbling notes and getting a brain dump from the speaker.

Here, we're going to spend 3-4 hours guiding you... showing you how to apply the critical principles in your business.

It's almost like a hand-holding session as we walk you through your sales or promotional material... and show you how to tweak or improve it.

With such a powerful experience, it is more than reasonable to charge you at the minimum, our marketing consultation rates.

Instead, we want to help more business owners benefit from this course which is why we've decided to charge you a negligible fee of just $20.

All that does is cover the cost of your seat for the venue.

And when you think about it... how often do most of us spend that amount without really thinking about it?

It's about the price of a nice meal with a drink at a shopping centre today.

But by choosing to register for this course, you will learn the skills to help you reap back your investment many times over by improving your marketing and improving your sales writing skills.

There are just so many upsides here.

Why We're Running this Copywriting Course

Quite frankly...

We do have an agenda for running this program at cost. (Just the cost of your seat for the venue instead of charging thousands of dollars)

On top of that...

It may seem counterproductive to some as we're also a copywriting agency providing a range of copywriting and content writing services.

So why would we want to teach the same skill set our writers rely on?

To put it simply, there are 2 main reasons for conducting this course:

  1. We also do other advanced marketing and copywriting courses, and we believe that by giving our participants powerful writing skills from this basic course... those who wish to learn even greater persuasion skills will naturally register for our other programs. It's all about building a long term relationship.
  2. Our goal is to provide affordable copywriting services to a broad group of clients. However, there are industries which we don't specialise in, and there are potential clients who prefer to learn the skills themselves for a variety of reasons (budget, knowledge, self-improvement and much more). Offering a basic course on copywriting will, therefore, be helpful to these set of individuals.

If you fit this group and want to learn copywriting for your business, then do register your seat.

We prefer to keep our classes small, so we can attend to as many questions as possible while sticking to the main course objectives and schedule.

Why not register your seat right now and come down for the course and see how you can apply these same skills in your business?

We can't wait to see you there.