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Need web content writing and professional web design for your upcoming website?

This highly affordable package will take away all the headache of planning a brand new website as we provide everything you need to get started fast.

Sometimes all you need is a simple website of about 50-300 words per page, not a full-fledged article for your brand new site, and instead of dealing with too many parties, we’ve got everything you need to be covered. From copywriting right down to the theme design, hosting and domain included.

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One of the biggest challenges business owners and start-ups experience with launching their website is… their content writer and their web designer aren’t seeing eye-to-eye.

You can’t blame them as they’re from two different companies and neither were instructed on what to do, partly because the client isn’t too familiar with the process themselves.

Neither the web designer nor the web copywriter was instructed to take the lead, all they had was a timeline.

The result?

The client ended up with a beautiful web design layout, but the content was either too long or too short of matching the design. Getting either party to re-do their work would only mean additional fees for the manhour involved.

The Perfect Web Solution

Having created many websites for clients, we’ve discovered a common trend among new start-ups. While the goal is to have a beautiful website, more often than not, what a client needed was a templated design.

They didn’t require a custom layout which would bring the entire website project to the 4- or 5,000 range.

With that in mind, we decided to provide a unique web design and website writing package in Singapore that solves this critical challenge that plagued too many entrepreneurs.

By allowing clients to select a premium theme (we use StudioPress for their international recognition) that they like, our writers could then focus on creating the content that matches the design.

And because of the fixed layout, our web developer can quickly set-up the entire site and implement some additional customisation to personalise the website for you. Personalisation like your unique images, preferred Google Fonts, and brand colour scheme.

Plus, for clients without a ready domain or web hosting account, we’ve got that covered as well.

We’ve included an optional 1-year of standard TLDs (.com, .net, .org) and web hosting plan that comes with its cPanel for creating vanity emails among many other things.

How Does It Work

Naturally, such a robust package requires co-ordination between our writer and our web developer. As such, it will take about 7 days for our writer to do research and write the draft content, based on your client brief. The timeframe begins only when we receive your completed Client Onboarding Questionnaire, which our project manager will send to you within 1-2 working days upon confirmation of payment.

Inside this questionnaire, we will ask you for your minor customisation requirements so our web developer can begin creating the staging environment for your website.

From start to end, the entire project will take about 2-3 weeks, assuming we receive all the necessary materials on time. If either our writer or developer isn’t available because of a high surge in demand, we will update and inform you accordingly.

More About the Content Management System (CMS)

The best part about our package is, we use WordPress, an internationally recognised CMS. In fact, this copywriting website is built and runs on this same system.

And with WordPress, you get a blogging function that allows you to do your content marketing, writing blog posts, and adding in new functionality to the site as you require.

We provide all clients with 2 different user login upon handover, an Admin User, and an Editor User.

For content changes, we recommend using the Editor User to make any minor content adjustment or to include new articles. There is limited control of the website, but it fulfils the needs of most novice web users.

The Admin User gives complete control of each and every function, including the design layouts. However, with this much autonomy, should there be any changes done and you require our team to rectify the issue, there will be additional charges involved for the resources deployed. Many agencies choose not to give their clients the Admin User to prevent unwanted edits, but our view is the website always belongs to the client, hence creating 2 different users.

Limitations of Web Design Packages

While our package is designed to be affordable and suitable for most business needs, we’ll be the first to admit that it may not be for all businesses.

One of the things to take note of using a theme or a templated design is…

There is the risk of a competitor having a similar web design.

If this is a concern, then we do recommend you selecting our other web copywriting services and working with a web design agency. Likewise, a theme may not contain complex functionalities for this, you may need a programmer.

However, if creating a simple yet professional website is what you require, then this package will work wonders for you.

Additional information

Package Items

Website Content Writing Package
Web Development Set-up Fee
1x Genesis Framework + Theme Package (Valued at USD129.95 or about SGD180)
Caching Plugin for improving page load time (Valued at USD49/year or about SGD67/year)
Security Plugin to protect against brute force attacks (Valued at USD52/year or about SGD72/year)
Optional: 1-year standard TLDs of either .com, .net, .org (Valued at about SGD20/year)
Optional: 1-year Web Hosting (Valued at SGD120/year)


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