Founder’s Message

The Confessions of a Digital Copywriter

As a practising copywriter in Singapore, I’ve had the opportunity to work and consult with many clients across a wide range of industries and niches. And a common trend I’ve always seen with many smaller businesses is, they need good quality content.

But they’re not willing to invest thousands of dollars on their website, their sales letter, their advertisement, and other types of marketing collaterals. Or rather, many of them don’t have the budget to do so.

And personally, I don’t blame them.

Good content doesn’t come cheap. Sure, you could go to websites like Fiverr or Upwork and engage a writer there. But almost 80% of the time, you will end up re-writing and editing the final draft of articles they submit.

I’ve been there and have done that so many times, I’ve literally stopped keeping track.

What Makes Content Great

In fact, in the early years of my own entrepreneurial journey, I had engaged a writer from Africa, a former British citizen who migrated and charged about $15USD an hour for his writing. In my naivety, I had assumed the more expensive the writer, the better they should be.

Well, the article wasn’t terrible, but it did take him almost 20 hours to complete. And the final product wasn’t good enough for the website I was building at that time.

Now, imagine if you were in my shoes then, what would you have done? In most projects, you don’t need just one solid article, you would need at least 5 or more pages of web writing to fill up a decent website.

After spending thousands of dollars on hiring writers, I’ve developed my own unique workflow and process for recruiting, training, guiding, and instructing writers to produce quality articles.

The Resource for Entrepreneurs

And that’s why I decided to collaborate with several copywriters in Singapore and formed Manuscript Copywriting Agency.

Because I understand the challenges entrepreneurs and business owners face in their content production. Good writers are hard to find, and many of them don’t stay long in the industry because the creative field isn’t as appreciated as it should be.

Ironically, almost everyone in Singapore has at least 10 years of formal writing education, yet many struggles to draft out even a simple paragraph. But precisely because they believe everyone should know how to write, they’re not willing to invest in their content either.

Seems strange, yet the fact remains…

Business owners want good quality articles. And they want it at an affordable price point.

Thus Manuscript strives to fulfil this growing need, especially as the world continues to move digital and online businesses’ appetite for content continues to grow voraciously.

Writers at Your Fingertips

We have a wide range of affordable copywriting services that will meet the needs of most businesses. There are additional options for those who are willing to invest a little more in other features such as SEO copywriting or rhetorical devices.

And for the group who prefer to handle the writing themselves, we have our online training materials as well as coaching sessions to help hone and develop your writing skills.

Whether you’re looking for a writer, a marketing consultant or even to become a copywriter yourself… at Manuscript, we’re here to help create the manuscripts you need for your business.

Jonathan Seet
Founder, Manuscript Copywriting Agency