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Creating a great blog doesn't have to be difficult... not with our blog post writing services specially designed to help businesses in Singapore quickly build up a professional brand and image.

Whether you're just planning to launch a single blog post, release an industry paper, or follow an editorial calendar, we've got the team of copywriters that are here to deliver only the highest standards. We're here to help you make your content marketing strategy a reality and not just another "coming soon" project on the pipeline.

Because the fact is...

Without an informative or entertaining blog on your business website today, businesses are squandering away valuable leads and sales opportunities... and handling them to their competitors instead.

Don't let it happen to you...

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Blog Post Writing (Compact)


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Blog Post Writing (Authority)


... especially not when the alternative is so simple and easy to execute.

First Things First, Which Blog Writing Service Do You Actually Need?

Before jumping into any marketing campaign, the first thing any smart business owner will do is plan out the goals, time frame, and resources available.

That's why whenever we conduct a marketing consultation for clients, we send a great amount of time going through with our clients their requirements. Especially when it comes to content marketing strategies.

Too often have we seen ambitious campaigns where the entrepreneur wants to do everything. Literally everything... from landing pages, to email sequences, to one-time offers, up-sells, cross-sells, re-targeting campaign, and anything else you can name in a sales funnel.

Unfortunately, in most cases, they ended up doing nothing as each part of the funnel is incomplete or of poor quality.

Likewise, with copywriting as a strategy, you need to carefully consider the message and overall marketing goal.

An editorial calendar becomes very helpful as it gives a clear direction to the marketer. With a single glance, you know what to focus on, how to plan your content and which blog writing service to engage.

Short Informative Instructions or Content at a Glance

If your goal is to become a resource hub for your clients, then a service like our Blog Post Writing (Compact) makes a perfect choice.

With this kind of blog post, you're looking at shorter posts of between 500-800 words that give your readers enough information to interest but not too many technical details that will bore them.

Listicles, how-to guides, instructions, and cheat sheets come to mind.

The goal is to maintain your top-of-mind awareness by providing regular content and industry updates that keeps your readers coming back for more.

Over a period of time, your company will naturally become the de facto resource centre for industry information.

And the best part?

Planning this sort of content is simpler as you just need to list down the main points such as the topic title, your key messages, plus a few reference sites... then hand it over to our writers who will personalise the message to give it that human touch.

Detailed Analysis about an Industry-Specific Event

Every once in a while, you would want to release a blog post that dives deeper into a specific topic within your industry.

By doing so, this automatically positions your brand as an authority or expert on the subject matter.

One thing to take note, while you could outsource writing the steps or instructions, more often than not, you're still the best person to handle such writing requirements.

After all, unless the writer has had the opportunity to be in your industry and actually perform the tasks or activities associated with your industry... there's no way they will ever get that first-hand experience.

That said, we've devised a unique writing service Blog Post Writing (Authority) to tackle this issue.

Naturally, your writing instructions have to be more specific and the reference websites should be informative to give our writers a better understanding of the topic. Demo videos and product samples make excellent supporting materials as the writer can now write with the first-hand experience.

Such posts are usually between 1,500-2,500 words to establish authority and thought leadership.

Publishing Blog Posts on a Monthly Basis

Naturally, the best way to retain authority is to continuously publish new facts and findings of your industry.

Alternatively, you could regularly offer a new perspective on the latest news or events to showcase expertise.

As a means to support businesses moving in this direction, we developed our Blog Post Writing (Subscription) package that gives you additional savings for professional content. Part of the reason we can provide this savings is that our writers become more familiar with your requirements and thus reducing the number of research hours.

The result?

You get the best of both worlds with extra savings while still receiving high-quality content for your blog.

When You Need a Content Planner for Your Projects

While the idea of content marketing is great, the truth is...

Planning out a feasible editorial calendar can be quite daunting for some business owners.

Thinking of what to write about or even just finding a new topic may be difficult when you're not experienced or seasoned to do so.

And that's one of the things that makes all our Manuscript article writing services so special...

Within each blog writing service, you'll find an add-on option specifically to tackle this challenge.

By selecting the "Editorial Calendar" option, our in-house editors will do the hard work for you. Instead of sending us the content skeleton, our editors will create this outline after studying your industry, business, and target audience if provided.

And if you're on our blog post writing subscription package, you'll receive the outline at the beginning of each month including when to expect each new blog posts.

Making it easier to plan and schedule all your content updates every month as you have certainty and clarity to execute your content marketing campaigns.

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