Website Writing Package


Planning a website and need some web page writing to make your design shine?

We’ve prepared a special website writing package, especially for webmasters, entrepreneurs, and business owners who have their website design ready and need a team of professional copywriters to draft out fantastic content.

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Too many first-time website owners spend a great deal of time hiring a designer to design a beautiful website they would love to show their friends. Only, they can’t because they had no choice but to lace their web pages with “Lorem Ipsum” or some other gibberish text no sane person can decipher.

And the truth is… these pages don’t require lengthy or authoritative writing to educate or convince their readers.

What these pages need is some interesting and exciting content that connects and integrates with the overall website theme and purpose. That’s why we’ve bundled together, a website writing package to help web owners get their content out fast.

We’ve created a package for up to 5-pages, 10-pages, and 15-pages that matches the size of most beginning websites. These pages are about 50-300 words each which are more than enough to cover about four sections within each page, including a  couple of sub-header and section content.

Why are we so confident this bundle of web page writing services will solve many web owners needs?

Because we’ve helped many other websites and more importantly, we own many sites ourselves and it’s the sort of copywriting service we would want ourselves.

P.S. We think it’s fairly apparent but do remember to include your website structure, design or site plan when submitting your order. Our writers will be referencing them throughout the entire writing process.

Not to worry if you do forget as our project manager will be liaising with you on the project brief and requirements to ensure our writers have everything they need to create web page content you’ll love. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can also leave all content decision and direction entirely up to our writers.


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