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Have you ever asked yourself... why does a web user ever decide to stay on a web page?

Having worked with clients from different niches and industries, it's interesting how rarely people think about the content of their website. It's almost like they decided to string a list of words together merely to "fill" up the page.

There's almost no thought about reader engagement, lead generation, call-to-action (CTA), or any of the other online marketing jargons you hear digital marketing consultants throwing about on the internet.

But not you!

The fact you're on this webpage right now tells us at Manuscript that you're interested in your website's content. That you understand the importance and the value of quality copywriters and how our services add to your company's bottom line.

And that's why we've prepared a series of website copywriting services to help you achieve your goals and objectives. By providing you with quality web content writers, you can depend on for your upcoming website project.

Our List of Website Writing Services

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But first, we need to decide what sort of package or service does your business require.

The Website Content Strategy

Unfortunately for many first-time entrepreneurs, they rush into building a website without having the critical fundamentals in place. And in many cases, this becomes apparent after the site is created and spending thousands of dollars on a website that looks partially completed.


Because the web design, after having undergone numerous revision never once considered the content strategy behind the site. Which results in scores of "Lorem Ipsum" on every page.

Not the best start to a new launch website, yet this trend repeats itself time and again.

Instead, before we work on any website project, we like to ask our clients...

Will the design will guide the content or will the content guide the design and layout.

It may seem like a simple statement, yet by answering this question, it prevents a ton of headache for the business owner as it sets the framework right for all parties involved.

Without any clear directions on which agency should spearhead the project, the tendency for finger pointing to occur halfway through the project increases tremendously. The content writer might write too much text that doesn't fit well with the design, or the designer might provide too much space for content where there is none.

That's why the first step we always undertake is setting the website content strategy in place, so we know which type of copywriting service will suit our clients' needs.

Informative, Individual Web Pages

In many cases, especially when local SEO copywriting is involved, web owners will want informative content on their crucial web pages.

A few short paragraphs of welcome text and brief descriptions just aren't going to cut it.

Not for the prospects and definitely not for the search engines. And unlike article writing which dives into analytical essays or argumentative academic papers, the web page has to fulfil another critical role...

Sales or lead generation!

After all, what's the point of having visitors land on a "Services" page only to read a long descriptive thesis about what services mean for a particular industry.

Likewise, with a "Home" page and an "About" page, you want your writer to create content that ties back to your business and company. Information that helps the reader decide you're the best choice for them and why they should act quickly and engage you immediately.

For such requirements, we have our web page writing service with various customisable options to create your respective web pages.

What About Package Deals for Branding Websites

Naturally, not every website is about sales and ranking. Many website projects are specifically designed for professionalism, business cards, or perhaps branding purposes.

Having long chunks of text isn't as ideal as the website's primary objective is to function as an online brochure for prospects, clients, or investors.

Some owners may also choose to use this type of website for their content marketing, to build authority and credibility with educational articles and blog posts.

But before they can leverage on our blog writing services, they first need essential content for the initial web pages.

This could be a 5-page website with a "Home" page, an "About" page, a "Services" page, a "Gallery" page, and a "Contact" page. Or perhaps they have more information to cover and require 10-pages or 15-pages worth of content.

For such business owners, we devised a highly affordable website writing package to solve their writing needs.

Now, Let's Combine Content and Design into One Simple Web Solution

Finally, there are business owners or marketers who prefer to outsource the entire project to a single agency.

Rather than spend time liaising with different companies and getting everyone to work together and be on the same page, it would make their job that much easier if they only needed to deal with one party.

For such clients, who don't mind a simple but professional web template for their website, we launched the first All-in-One solution where we solve the content issues, the web hosting, domain registration, and website deployment within a single package.

Clients get to choose their preferred premium theme from StudioPress (selected for their international accreditation and reputation) and our technical developers will deploy the website with some minor customisation. Simple edits that personalise the website through colour selection, unique images, and typography choices.

Obviously, this package is built on WordPress, the content management system (CMS) used by most web owners today for its ease of use and open source license.

Best part?

The website can be live in as little as two weeks from the time our writers receive your client brief.

Check out our Website Writing & Design Package to find out more.

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