How It Works

Ordering High Quality Custom Articles in Singapore has Never Been Easier.

One of the goals of Manuscript was to make ordering professional copywriting as simple as possible. That's why we broke the various services down into online products which you can insert your requirements, place an order, then just wait for our writers to complete the draft.

In fact, you may find our process similar to buying a product on any other ecommerce store.

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4 Easy Steps for Buying Quality Articles

01. Choose Your Required Writing Service

Choose from our wide range of copywriting services, designed to help SMEs and entrepreneurs fulfill your growing content demands. From educational blog posts right down to website writing.

02. Insert Your Project Details & Specifications

During your content selection, there are fields on the order page for inserting any comments or add-ons with your order. And if you forgot any details, no worries as a project manager will follow up subsequently.

03. Place Order & Create Account (At Checkout)

If this is your first time using our online portal, you will need to create an account during checkout. For recurring and frequent clients, simply login to your account and complete the payment.

04. Complete Client Onboarding Questionnaire

Within 48 hours of receiving payment a project manager will follow up with an onboarding questionnaire. This questionnaire will help our writers to draft and submit your documents within 7 days.

An Important Note for Clients

While some copywriting websites require you to submit your request and wait for a quote, we understand how frustrating it can get when you're planning your campaigns.

You need to compare quotes to make a decision fast and most of these agencies (and freelancers) take days to reply.

Suddenly, a simple content planning exercise gets delayed for weeks not because you haven't come to a decision... but rather because you can't even make one.

You'll therefore be pleased to learn that not only are we highly affordable, our prices are completely transparent. What you see is exactly what you'll pay. There are no hidden fees or surprise charges after the project starts.

And most importantly, we stick to a fixed schedule. 7 days for all standard articles - that's up to 3 articles per client per project.

Sure, there are agencies or freelancers promising same-day turn around, but that usually comes with poorer quality work. Simply because there isn't enough time for them to research on the topic. And we haven't even mention their spell check and grammar test.

Instead, 7 days is just about the right amount of time for thorough research and spell check by a separate content editor. The hallmark of our 2 Vector System.

This makes your planning (and ours) simpler as there's a reliability and consistency you know you can always depend on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about our article writing services? We've compiled some of the common questions we've received from our clients and added them below.

Why a 7-days turnaround time?

Good content means thorough research. Especially when a writer is writing about a new topic for the first time.

Sure, you could hire a writer who will churn out an article within 24 hours. But that usually means they're just rehashing an existing content somewhere on the internet or worse... resort to article spinning.

But beyond that, when it comes to finding a good article angle... inspiration rarely pops up immediately. And even if it does, we encourage our writers to set aside every completed article for about a day so they can review their work with a fresh pair of eyes.

With this Reset and Refresh method, the writer is in a clearer state of mind to look through and edit the content without any writer prejudice.

And that's not all...

To ensure a high quality article, we also bring in a proofreader independent from the writer to conduct an unbiased review and ensure the content is in line with your client's brief.

Given this extra level of checks and quality control, we allocate a 7 days turnaround time for each article service.

What should I do if I want to order more than 1 article at a time?

We've separated our products by their individual naming convention. For instance, if you're just looking to purchase a single article, then our Article Writing Service - Single Item is the choice for you.

Supposing instead you wanted to make an order for 5 articles at the same time, then instead of placing 5 separate orders, we recommend selecting the bundle option instead. 

The reason for separating the products is partly due to the limitations of the system we're using but more importantly, if makes the administrative process cleaner. By having 2 different products, it becomes clearer for our in-house project managers who are coordinating the workflow.

Especially since they will be contacting you upon successful payment to gather details about your project requirements.

How do I decide the right writer experience option for me?

The truth is, this highly depends on your project requirements.

For most simple content writing, our professional writers are qualified to take on the job. These writers are required to be GCE A-level certified or its equivalent, giving you the assurance they can write a proper researched article.

Senior writers are those who have written an in-house specified number of articles for our clients with positive feedback on their submission. Generally, they have more experience and may require a shorter turnaround time to produce a high quality piece of work.

Finally, for technical topics that require writers well versed in the subject matter, engaging an industry veteran writer is your best option. These writers are required to have either studied in at least a related field or have some work experience to create a thought provoking content.

Do you provide any revision?

Unfortunately, to keep our writing services affordable, at this point of time, we don't provide revisions.

Instead, we encourage all clients to be as thorough as possible when writing their order instructions as our writers will act on these instructions. In addition, our proofreaders act as a second line of checks to ensure the writer has followed these instructions.

Given our 2 Factor Vetting Process, we are able to meet our client's objectives almost 95% of the time.

Do take note that in the event the client's brief is incomplete, according to our terms and conditions, you give our writers full autonomy to write the article based on their research and discretion.

I require website building services on top of web content. Do you provide this service as well?

Given the growing demand for professional websites, we've developed a robust and versatile package to complement our website copywriting services for SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Most growing businesses today know they need an online presence, however, they don't the luxury of investing thousands of dollars on web design, web development and content writing among many other things.

With this in mind, we provide a website package that leverages on the industry's best themes and plugins to give you a simple yet beautiful professional website.

And yes, it follows our usual 7-days principle for the basis package.