Manuscript: The Online Copywriting Agency

Singapore's First Copywriting-as-a-Service Online Agency for SMEs and Local Businesses.

Transforming the Way Businesses Request Content

Copywriting agencies in Singapore have to change their approach to client servicing...

As more and more businesses go digital, the demand for professionally written content is growing. Rapidly. And we're not just talking about sales or persuasive copy which internet marketers have always requested for, we're talking about thought-driven blog articles, thoroughly researched academic papers, industry-specific white papers and much more.

The fact is, the amount of information being presented on the world wide web is tremendous today. And as a business, you need to be at the forefront of this digital evolution by taking the lead.

Now more than ever, being the industry leader is critical to the way your customers and clients perceive your business. After all, you're either the market leader or the follower playing catch up. And no one wants to buy from the industry laggard.

Become Your Industry's Thought Leader 

Unfortunately, that means churning out high-quality articles constantly or risk fading quickly into obscurity.

That's where Manuscript comes into the picture as we're here to help local businesses put ideas into words. At an affordable rate so you can still produce a decent volume of industry-specific articles to elevate your business into a thought leader.

Because as a leading copywriting agency in Singapore, our goal is to take the hassle of recruiting, training, managing and building a content team away from you. And instead, provide you with an outsourced writing team you can rely on.

We've put together a team of content researchers, writers, and proofreaders so you can focus on what's critical and important in your business...

Growing it to the level you envision it to be.

The Manuscript Literary Style

It's how we ensure quality control, professionalism, and client satisfaction with every manuscript we deliver.

  • 2-Factor Vetting Process

    To ensure that every content we produce is of superior quality, we employ a 2-factor vetting process. This means that every article goes through 2 separate individuals to ensure the content idea makes sense to the reader and has undergone a separate pair of eyes.

  • Instant Online Booking System

    Ordering a brand new content has never been easier as all you have to do is place your order online and leave the rest to our project managers. Simply list and identify the type of article you want, your content topic plus any other instruction you have, and our project managers will handle the rest.

  • Academic Level Research

    The one single step our writers will never rush is the research phase. There's absolutely no way to write an article without having a basic understanding of the topic on hand. That's why all our writers are trained to conduct academic level research on a topic to ensure they have sufficient knowledge to write a professional opinion piece about the subject on hand.

  • Singapore Grade GCE A'Levels English Standard

    Every piece of content written undergoes a strict grammar and spell check for quality assurance and control. Our writers are at the minimum GCE A'levels certified to draft professional essays and research papers. 

  • Business Goals Focused

    Most importantly, our content works are designed to cater to our clients' business goals and needs. Having worked with clients from different industries and niches, we've identified the type of content our clients need for their business purposes. And to make it simpler for our clients, we've specifically structured our deliverables to meet these expectations taking the guesswork away so our clients can get to their objectives faster.