Website Design & Sales Package

Singapore's Only WordPress Package to Help Businesses Sell Online Fast + Develop Your Brand's Cyber Authority

Website design and sales package

Sounds Familiar?

  • I need a professional business website but I don't really know what I need to get started
  • Even if I have a website, I'm not sure what type of content to include that boost enquiries and sales
  • There are so many features and functions I would like but I don't think I have the budget to include too many things
  • I've built a website on a free platform before but it isn't generating the leads or sales I thought it would and I don't have a clue what to do about it
  • Most companies in my industry are still very traditional and I'm not sure if it makes sense to go digital

You probably already have that gut-wrenching feeling you need to be online... you just don't know how.

That's where we come in to help you build a sales-driving machine to grow your business on the internet. It doesn't have to be complicated as long as your website focuses on achieving one very important outcome...

Build Up Your Cyber Authority!

Most businesses going online for the first time, invest time, effort and resources, to build a "perfect" website. It's all dainty and good but what many of them fail to realise then is that your website should be a sales-driving asset for your business. The last thing you ever want is a pretty brochure that does squat for your bottom line.

Instead, by understanding the key principles of developing Cyber Authority in your niche or industry, your website can do so much more for your business.

Let me quickly highlight what a Cyber Authorised Website achieves:

  • Earns Customers' Confidence

    Your web visitor instantly feels connected with your brand's message and trusts that you are the right company for them.

  • Clearly Explains Your Offer

    Nothing is more important than closing the sale, and that's what your website will always be focusing on delivering.

  • Help You Rise Above the Sea of Competition

    You have competitors, there's no doubt about that. Yet with the right authority in place, your customers will still naturally decide that you are the best option for them.

  • Most Importantly... Ask for the Close

    There's no point painting the best picture and showing your potential customers you have the answers for them if you never ever close them.

    A good website knows how to do that. And does it confidently.

Here's How We Help You

The entire starter Cyber Authority suite at one highly affordable price.

(Valued at $299 x2)

Irresistible Offer Consultation

The single most important thing we need to set right from the beginning is your offer - what you're selling to your prospective customers. And when we talk irresistible offer, we're talking about a package or promotion so crazy your customers would crawl over broken glass just to lay their hands on it.

Alright, we're exaggerating, but it has to be so amazing they know they can't afford to miss out. So, to do that effectively, we will need to identify your top selling product or service and give it that sorely needed new breath of life.

That means at least 2 consultation sessions together. The first time to narrow down the core offer we're going to promote and the second time to help you strategise your traffic strategy and approach.

(Valued at $1,299)

3-5 Pages WordPress Website

With your brand message on hand, the next thing we will settle is your online presence and that means a sales-optimised professional website. Forget about the multi-pages corporate website for large MNCs, our goal here is to help you build your Cyber Authority fast.

That means a lean, means selling machine designed to help you generate leads, enquiries, and sales for your business.

One of the best ways to do that is with a WordPress website, carefully set up to house the key pages you need (as determined from the initial consultation).

And the best part? 

Since it is an internationally recognised content management system (CMS), you can easily continue to add pages and functionality to your site in the future as your business grows.

(Valued at $899)

Persuasive Copywriting

Attention-grabbing copy that sucks your reader deeper and deeper into the sales conversation on your web page. It's the dream  of every business owner and digital marketer on the internet, yet very few actually possess this conversion-churning tool in their online arsenal.

That's because most people know they need content for their website, but few realise that persuasive copy is their company's digital salesman.

Your website cannot rely on the charming voice and welcoming personality of the sales person at your store or roadshow. Your only line of defense so to speak is your website's content.

And that's precisely why we don't want to hold back when it comes to building your Cyber Authority. You want persuasive copy that speaks to your audience and subtle convince them you are the only choice they should even consider.

(Valued at $599)

Premium Themes & Plugins Configuration

One of the reasons freelancers can offer custom web design projects at almost ridiculous prices is the tools they use. And while WordPress is an open-source CMS powering majority of websites around the world... the tools you use matters!

Here's why...

Web developers and programmers sometimes offer free "lite" versions of their plugins. These plugins are responsible for the functions of your website. The purpose of offering a free version is to give you a teaser with the hope that you purchase their premium versions.

Then there are some developers who never got down to creating these premium versions. The result? After a while, they're unable to continue to servicing and maintaining that plugin.

Freelancers in their attempt to keep prices down, usually resort to using some of these free tools that gets discontinued after some time.

Unfortunately, that means your website suddenly loses a key function or feature that would otherwise be important.

As an agency, we can keep prices down because we leverage on economies of scale. That means we play on the volume of past clients that we continue to service and maintain. Because as a business, maintaining operations is vital, and in the online world, that means your website must always be functioning and running properly.

(Valued at $149/year)

Optional: 12-months Domain & Hosting

Finally, a website project is never complete without a proper vanity domain name and a web hosting package to accompany it.

That's why we've tied up with our partners to provide 12 months of complementary standard TLDs (.com, .net, .org) and hosting plans complete with cPanel access.

You can create your own vanity email addresses, sub-domains, SSL certs and the entire suite of hosting tools for the more tech savvy and technical clients.

That's at Least Worth of Value

And that is not including the optional 12-months of domain registration and hosting, if you require. Otherwise, the value goes up even more.

But even then, at this price point, your investment is worth its weight many times over.

You see, ultimately, the goal of any website isn't just to put up a pretty brochure on the internet for your prospects to enjoy.

If you're like us, then you want your website to start raking in some sales and cash... PRONTO!

And that's where most new business owners commit a fatal mistake. Simply because they copied their competitors blindly.

Now, there's nothing wrong with scoping the competition. In fact, we endorse it. But, we also advise doing it tactfully and only modeling the successful and purpose-driven actions.

This we believe, is what separates us from our competitors. We choose to build purpose-driven websites that help you monetise and recover your ROI quickly.

However, that does mean some rather unconventional methods and actions. Which is precisely why our initial consultation session is so critical for success. (Yet again, another key component many of our competitors avoid, with their clients none the wiser.)

So... how much should I cheerfully invest then?

Remember, this is your chance to take full advantage of my team's and my expertise, our knowledge, experience, and technical know-hows in planning, designing, and building your company's next sales-generating asset.

You're short-cutting your competitors and getting access to:

  • Professional web design principles
  • Persuasive sales copywriting
  • Premium WordPress themes and plugins
  • Easy-to-use admin dashboard
  • Cyber Authority brand messaging
  • One-to-one marketing consultation
  • 12-months domain and hosting (optional)

All this professional knowledge and workmanship for just a small investment of:

Cyber Authority

$399.00 / month$999.00

Manuscript - Packages - Cyber Authority

Singapore’s only complete website package that helps businesses sell online fast while developing your brand’s Cyber Authority strategy and positioning. It’s the smarter way to sell a product or service on the internet today.

Please Note:

The price of this service will go up as we continue to serve new clients:
First 3 Clients @ $999
Next 8 Clients @ $1,299
Next 10 Clients @ $1,499
A $200 Increase for Every 15 New Clients After That


Choose between 3 easy installments or a one-time payment amount and get additional savings on top of the already discounted amount. Just select your preferred payment option then click on the "Add to Basket" button then proceed to checkout and complete your membership account and payment.

Hurry, as this cheap price point is set to rise!

Here's the thing...

For the value we're offering, we don't have any intention of keeping it at its discounted rate for long.

In fact, the only reason we're offering it at such a steal is because it is a brand new offer in the market.

Think about it, we aren't just building you a website...

We're helping you plan, craft, and execute a sales pitch on the internet. It's like hiring a sales consultant to think through all the various ways to help you sell your product or service.

That's why as we hit a new milestone in terms of the number of new clients. we will gradually increase the price until we've reached its total value of $3,395.00.

And even then, it is still worth every dollar invested because that is the typical website building rate by most agencies in Singapore. Except they don't help you plan a sales strategy for your website.

So, if you would like to lock in the rate you're seeing on this page right now, then hurry and place your order.

And we will talk to you soon.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Still deciding if our package is the right fit for your business needs? We understand the challenges new businesses undergo especially when resources are tight. Every dollar has to be carefully invested to maximise your ROI.

That's why we've compiled a list of commonly asked questions and added them here.

Once you're ready, simply click on the get started button.

Why do I need to build Cyber Authority?

Almost every business has competition. And when there's competition, the natural first course of action people take is to slash prices.

In most cases, you want to make your price affordable and within your market's budget. But that doesn't mean you have got to be cheaper than your competitors.

By building Cyber Authority, you're establishing reasons why your future clients should work with you. And that reason is the premium you charge over your competition.

This works whether you're selling a website service, a property, an insurance package, or even a basic commodity like durians, Yup, you read that right.

Could I engage a freelancer to build a website for me or do it myself?

Ultimately, as with most services, you could do everything yourself. From web design to web development, copywriting, branding and all the other technical set-ups. That's assuming you're already familiar with the key digital sales concepts required to build your Cyber Authority.

Instead, we believe that as business owners, your primary focus should be on growing the business which means prospecting, meeting clients, sales appointment, networking, resource budgeting, human resource management and so much more.

You've enough things on your plate, so why not leave the techy and marketing stuff to us?

We decided to put together this exclusive website design package that solves almost all your online challenges without bursting a hole in your bank.

The truth is, even at its full value of $5,888, it is considered a steal as you're not just buying a website... you're developing a sales machine that runs 24/7.

But we want to make this an absolute no-brainer.

For the first 3 new clients, it's just $999, with everything on this page included. But do take note that this price will increase as our new clientele base grows.

We feel that's fair for the serious business owners who take action early and even if you do join a little later, it is still great value.

What do I get with this Cyber Authority package

Firstly, you get a brand new website for your business. It could be for a sister brand, a specific product or service, a team member you want to promote or any other marketing goals you have in mind.

What however separates this from other website packages is... our sales-focused consultation and approach.

We're not interested in just building another website for you. There are other agencies to do that with highly paid designers on their team.

Our goal here is to help you build a marketing asset that will add value to your company's bottom line.

How does your cheap pricing model work?

We've mentioned that the total value of this package is at least #3,395.00 and that's already discounted compared to the market rate.

Despite that, we're slashing the price off this already cheap package because it is a brand new offer. It is different from what any other agency would offer, partly because they don't have the skills or expertise to offer this, and also because the general market isn't familiar with enough marketing concepts to adopt it.

That being said, as more customers get onboard with this package, we will slowly increase the price until we've reached the actual market value of a website.

And even at that price point, our package is still superior as we have the sales-focused element which other agency won't, or rather can't offer.

Will I be able to add new pages to my website?

Yes, you can. While the initial stages is to build a website optimised for sales and conversion, you are still getting a full-fledged WordPress website.

That means you can continue to create pages and blog posts.

Do I need my own traffic (web visitor) source?

Yes, you do. As this is a special Conversion package we're focusing on the conversion aspect of the business growth formula.

You should already have a stream of web traffic whether it's a free source or paid, or at the very least be intending to start working on it.

During our initial consultation, we will also be addressing this as the goal of the website is to structure it as best as possible towards the likely target audience. Which in this case will be where they're coming from.

Why are there 2 types of payment options?

To help businesses easily adopt to this online strategy, we have a 3 months recurring payment structure to make it as affordable as possible.

However, for those with the means to do so, the upfront option allows you some immediate cash savings.

What if I have questions about my site and need help with the strategy?

That's the other beauty of our package, we aren't just trying to build a website, hand it over to our clients, and forget about them.

We're building a marketing asset for you.

And that means that as this marketing asset begins to churn out results, in the forms of leads, enquiries, and sales, we can continue to support you with our other marketing and growth hacking services.

Even if you don't decide to take up our other services in the future, we have ongoing website support for our clients so you are never abandoned.